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Around 1988, Pleasant Company created a line of outfits which were Girl-Sized replicas of several of Samantha, Molly and Kirsten's outfits. These were high quality, historically-accurate dresses and outfits which allowed girls to not only dress like their favorite dolls, but also to step back in time and experience how it felt to dress like girls from pioneer times, or the turn of the century, or during World War II. Also available to complete these delightful outfits, were historically accurate shoes, hats, undergarments and jewelry.

In 1991, new outfits from America's colonial period were introduced which allowed girls to dress like the newest American Girl, Felicity. When Addy was introduced in 1993, and in 1997 when Josefina arrived, brand new Girl-Sized outfits were created to teleport girls to the Civil War era and to Spanish California of 1824.

For a very short period of time around 1990, eight sets of dress patterns were produced with which adults could sew some of the historical life-sized dresses and outfits themselves.

In the late 1990's, the line of Girl-Sized Historical outfits were reduced to a few dresses for each girl. The first three American Girls, Samantha, Kirsten and Molly each had seven life-sized outfits, but Addy only had five, and Josefina had only four.

When Kit was introduced in 2000, only three "Dress Like Kit" outfits were offered for sale. Kaya, introduced in 2002, never had any life-sized outfits.

In the Fall of 2004, Samantha's winter coat and Nellie's Oriental Pajamas for girls were introduced. Also, at that same time, Felicity's nightgown for girls was brought back, but as of August 2005, the Felicity Night Shift for girls no longer came with the Cap.

Today, the only "Dress Like Your Doll" outfits available are all of the nightgowns which match each doll nightgown. These outfits which are still available are shown in bold below.

Listed below are the fifty or so special girl-sized outfits that have been, and in a few cases still are, available from Pleasant Company. Below the dresses section are shown the thirty or so accessories that were produced and the eight dress pattern packages. Pictures and names are given for each. Most of the images below are links to much larger pictures.

The Ebay logo below links to an Ebay search for American Girl historical Girl Outfits. These sometimes come up for auction, but because they were offered for a limited time and because they were expensive and came in several sizes, it may be difficult to obtain the dress you are looking for in the right size unless you are willing to pay a premium.

Dress Like Samantha

Afternoon Tea Dress

Flannel School Dress

Sailor Suit

Peppermint Pinafore

Victorian Party Dress

Elegant Victorian Capes
(Velvet Cape or Wool Cape)

Samantha's Nightie

Samantha's Winter Coat

Dress Like Molly

Sporty Separates (Blouse, Skirt, Sweater)

Plaid School Jumper

Tap Dance Costume

Birthday Sundress

Classic Velvet Dress

Slicker & Rain Hat

Molly's Pajamas I

Molly's Pajamas II

Dress Like Kirsten

New Country Dress

Prairie School Dress

Summer Striper

Springtime Dress

Saint Lucia Dress

Scandinavian Outfit (Blouse, Skirt, Sweater, Hat, Mittens)

Kirsten's Nightie

Dress Like Felicity

Rose Garden Dress

Colonial School Dress (Jacket, Skirt)

Summertime Gown

Spring Gown & Pinner

Palace Blue Gown

Cardinal Cloak

Felicity's Night Shift & Cap

Dress Like Addy

Striped Pink Dress

School Suit (Blouse, Suit)

Tartan Plaid Dress

Party Pinafore

Addy's Nightie

Dress Like Josefina

Camisa, Skirt & Sash (Camisa, Skirt & Sash)

Very Best Dress

Riding Dress

Josefina's Night Shift

Dress Like Kit

Kit's Skirt & Sweater Set I (Sweater, Skirt)

Christmas Dress

Kit's Beach Pajamas

Skirt & Sweater Set II (Sweater, Skirt, Hat)

Kit's Nightie

Dress Like Nellie

Oriental Pajamas

Dress Like Elizabeth

Elizabeth's Night Shift
[Embroidered night shift has floral embroidery on the yoke and pink bows at the cuffs.]

Dress Like Emily

Emily's Pajamas
[Flannel pants and a lace-trimmed, button-up top.]

Emily's Robe & Slippers
[Chenille belted, wrap-style robe has a contrast shawl collar, cuffs, and hem, and features beautiful looped trim. Plush, Pink Fuzzy Slippers]
(Robe, Slippers)

Dress Like Julie

Julie's Pajamas
[Pink polyester flared pants and empire-waist tunic with butterfly trim]

Dress Like Ruthie

Ruthie's Satin Pajamas

Dress Like Rebecca

Rebecca's Pajamas
[Sleeveless with feature satin ribbon running through the pieced waistband, a satin bow at the top, domed buttons & lace trim]

Rebecca's Robe
[Elbow-length sleeves, a wide satin trim and sash, two button-and-frog closures, and a patch pocket]

Dress Like Marie-Grace

Marie-Grace's Embroidered Nightie
[Wide neckline, puffed sleeves, embroidered flowers & a pair of pretty bows]

Dress Like Cécile

Cécile's Flannel Nightgown
[Rosy lace edging, long puffed sleeves & growth tucks at the hem]

Dress Like Caroline

Caroline's Satin Pajamas
[Square neckline trimmed in lace, cap sleeves, a trio of embroidered flowers at the chest, and two sky-blue ribbons woven through lacework on the front]


Samantha's Keepsake Locket

Molly's Sterling Locket

Kirsten's Amber Heart

Felicity's Coral Necklace

Addy's Cowrie Necklace

Josefina's Garnet Necklace

Kit's Compass Necklace

Victorian Hairbows (White Grosgrain with Black Stripes, Red, Navy, Burgandy, Black, Pink Striped)

Fur Tam, Fur Muff & White Gloves

French Beret & Knee Socks (Navy, Red or White)

Kirsten's Straw Hat

Felicity's Rose-Trimmed Hat

Saint Lucia Wreath

Spring Wreath

High Button Boots

Prairie Boots (Black or Red)

Mary Janes (Black, White or Red)

Saddle Shoes

Fur Boots

Ribbed Tights (Burgandy, Black, Navy, Red or White)

Sheer Party Tights

Lacy Knee Socks

Party Slip

Kirsten's Petticoat & Pantalettes

Addy's Crinoline Petticoat

Chemise & Panties

Josefina'a Petticoat


Plaid Book Bag & Umbrella

Elizabeth's Satin Slippers for Girls

Julie's Cotton/Polyester Velour Open-Heel Slippers

Ruthie's Slippers

Rebecca's Slippers

Dress Patterns

Samantha's Afternoon Tea Dress - Sewing Patterns

Samantha's Flannel School Dress - Sewing Patterns

Molly's Jumper And Separates - Sewing Patterns

Kirsten's New Country Dress - Sewing Patterns

Kirsten's Prairie School Dress - Sewing Patterns

Felicity's Rose Garden Gown - Sewing Patterns

Felicity's Colonial School Dress - Sewing Patterns

Petticoat & Pantalettes - Sewing Patterns

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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