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Elizabeth Cole is a bright, quiet, unassuming 10-year-old girl growing up in Williamsburg Virginia after she and her family moved from England in 1774. Elizabeth is Felicity Merriman's best friend and they share their love or horses. Elizabeth believes that Felicity has the bravery and courage that she lacks, and thinks herself too timid. Elizabeth's older sister Annabelle often bosses her around and calls her "Bitsy", a nickname that Elizabeth hates. Elizabeth's sister and family were Loyalists, that is, they were loyal to the King of England and felt that the colonists were uncivilized and ungrateful.

Elizabeth was added to the collection of American Girls in September 2005. Even though Elizabeth was the tenth historical girl added after the collection was launched in 1986, she is really part of Felicity's collection. Just like Nellie, Elizabeth is not a limited edition doll.


Meet Elizabeth

Tea Lesson Gown (Gown, Rosette, Attached Apron, Lace Mob Cap & Satin Slippers)

Elizabeth's Riding Outfit (Jacket, Skirt, Underskirt & Hat)

Elizabeth's Holiday Gown (Gown, Headband, Necklaces & Slippers)

Elizabeth's Quilted Cloak (Quilted Velvet Cape)

Elizabeth's Night Shift (Embroidered shift, Cap with Ribbon & Slippers)


Elizabeth's Accessories (Pinner Cap, Pearl Necklace, Fan, 2 pairs of earrings)

Charlotte, Elizabeth's Fashion Doll

Elizabeth's Bedding (Pillow and Quilt with Cluny Lace, Fringed Valance with Attached Floral Print Bed Hangings & Fringed Bed Skirt)

Mini Elizabeth Doll & Book


Elizabeth's Bed & Blue Bedding (4 Poster Bed, Mattress Pillow, Curtain, Quilt & Skirt)


Very Funny, Elizabeth by Valerie Tripp (96 pages, ISBN: 1593690673)


In 2007, Elizabeth's trading cards were retired. In 2009, her Summer Gown, Dressing Table Accessories and the fantastic Horsedrawn Colonial Carriage were retired.

Summer Gown (Satin Gown with a Quilted Mock Petticoat, Satin-covered Hat & Heeled Slippers)

Dressing Table Accessories (Mirror, Powder Container, Flowers in Vase, Tablecloth)

Horsedrawn Colonial Carriage (Carriage, Two Lanterns, Reins)

Elizabeth Trading Cards (10 Cards Per Pack)

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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