Over the years, Pleasant Company/American Girl has offered many delightful items for their historical doll line. When a new historical doll is introduced it is unfortunate that she will never have certain items that came out for the historical line before she was introduced. For example, since Josefina was introduced late in 1997, she never had a "1997 Limited Edition Outdoor Outfit" or a Scenes & Settings book like the other girls. And girls introduced after 1998 don't have the Pastimes books or Doll Dress Patterns. Well, I wondered "What if Kit had a Scenes & Settings book?" or "What would Felicity's Caddy look like?" I then created images of these "items that never were" which are shown below.

    Now, don't e-mail and ask where you can get these items, because they are only "What If" images. Two item images that I was going to create for this page actually were made as real items. They were Kaya's Story Collection and Samantha's favorite pet, Jip. So you never know, some of the items below just might find their way into the AG Catalog!

My predictions came true. Some of the items that appeared first on this page have become a reality. These are listed below.

  • Felicity got an Art Studio in September 2005.
  • Patriot, the foal of Felicity's horse Penny is part of her new collection.

Kit Items

Since Kit was introduced in 2000, she never had any of the original Pastimes books which were introduced in 1994 and phased out beginning in 2003. Kit never had a Kit's World Map which came out for the first five girls in 1996 nor did she have a Scenes & Settings book which were introduced for those same girls in 1997.

Finally, since Little Orphan Annie was very popular during the Great Depression, I thought it would be great if Kit had an outfit and accessory set that could go with a Short Story. The story might involve Kit wearing her Orphan Annie Halloween costume when she went with her class to be in the audience at Radio Station WLW in Cinncinnati in late October 1935 to watch a Little Orphan Annie radio show being recorded. The show's host would notice Kit in her costume and invite her onstage to say one of the lines of a kid in that week's radio script!

Kit's Orphan Annie Outfit
(Dress, Wig, Stockings & Shoes)

Kit's Radio Orphan Annie Accessories
(Radio, Decoder Badge, Secret Society Booklet, Sunday Funnies Page, Ovaltine Can, Saucer, Spoon & Glass)

Kit's Scenes & Settings
(Scenes: 1. Kittredge Living Room, 2. Attic Bedroom, 3. Gates Elementary School, 4. Treehouse, 5. Backyard/Garden)

Kit's Map

Kit's Theater Kit

Kit's Cook Book

Kit's Craft Book

Felicity Items

In 2003, all of the historical girls but Felicity each got a "Stories & Outfit Collection with Caddy" which included three outfits (two in Kaya's case), some accessories, two stories and one short story.

Felicity's Stories & Outfits Collection with Caddy

Josefina Items

In 1997, just before Josefina was introduced, Pleasant Company was still offering the Scenes & Settings books for the first five girls. Paintings were commissioned for use in producing a Josefina Scenes & Settings book but apparently the decision to discontinue them came just as Josefina was introduced. The Scenes & Settings images below are based upon those original paintings. Josefina's Scenes & Settings book is an example of an item that "Almost Was."

Josefina did not get an Art Studio like Kaya, Samantha, Molly and Kit did in 2000.

Josefina's Scenes & Settings (Scenes: 1. Montoyas' Cocina, 2. Family Sala, 3. Santa Fe Market, 4. Courtyard, 5. Papa's Rancho)

Josefina's Art Studio

Molly Items

The original illustrator of Molly's first three books (Meet Molly, Molly Learns a Lesson, Molly's Surprise) was C. F. Payne, with Book 4 (Happy Birthday, Molly) being done by David Gaadt. But in 1988, Nick Backes replaced them as illustrator on Molly's books. Mr. Backes did the illustrations for Books 5 and 6, and he then redid the illustrations in the first four books in 1989. Molly's 1994 Series Trading Cards all feature these redone illustrations by Nick Backes. If Pleasant Company had decided to create the first sets of AG Trading Cards in 1987 instead of 1994, the first 33 cards of Molly's set would be based on C. F. Payne's illustrations and cards 34-41 would feature David Gaadt's illustrations.

Molly's 1987 Trading Card Set - New!

Kirsten Items

For some reason, Kirsten did not get an Art Studio like Kaya, Samantha, Molly and Kit did in 2000.

Kirsten's Art Studio

Addy Items

In 2000, Addy did not get an Art Studio as Kaya, Samantha, Molly and Kit did.

Addy's Art Studio

Kaya Items

Kaya was introduced in 2002 which was after the Pastimes books, World Maps and Scenes & Settings books were discontinued. Also, Kaya was never given a Meet or Read poster and never had a Stationery Set.

Kaya's Paper Dolls set, which came out in 2003, shows the "Traditional Dance Outfit" which is an outfit that is not available for Kaya.

Traditional Dance Outfit

Kaya's Scenes & Settings
(Scenes: 1. Lodge, 2. Village, 3. Forest, 4. Riverbank, 5. Plains)

Kaya's Cook Book

Kaya's Craft Book

Kaya's Stationery Set

Kaya's Meet Poster

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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