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    The Gold Key series of STAR TREK comics was concerned with the adventures of the crew of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise which operated under the auspices of Starfleet which was part of the United Federation of Planets. The starship crew of the comics were exactly the same as seen in the television series from 1966-1969. For the most part, the characters as depicted in the comics very much resembled their live action counterparts. Details of the personalities and lives of these legendary characters can be found in any number of sources both online and off, so the descriptions below are primarily geared towards differences in the how each character acted or looked in the comics versus their television incarnations.

Captain Kirk
 Mister Spock
  Doctor McCoy
   Engineer Scott
    Helmsman Sulu
Lieutenant Uhura
 Ensign Chekov
  Yeoman Rand
   Nurse Chapel

Barbara McCoy
 Zefram Cochrane
  Harry Mudd
   Guardian of Forever

  James T. Kirk
Rank: Captain. Position: Commanding officer of the Starship Enterprise. The character of Kirk appeared in every issue of the Gold Key STAR TREK comic series. The first volume of reprints included "Captain James T. Kirk: Psycho-File" which was four pages of new material created for the edition. Just as on television, Kirk was usually the central character of each STAR TREK comic's story.

  Mister Spock
Rank: Lieutenant Commander. Position: Science Officer and Executive Officer of the Starship Enterprise. Spock appeared in every issue of the comic series. The third volume of reprints included "Lt. Commander Spock: Psycho-File" which was four pages of new material created for the edition. Although the Enterprise crew comprised persons in the three different departments, each with a different uniform color, in many comic issues, Spock was often the only character in a blue uniform, all others wearing a lime green uniform. Just as on television, Spock was frequently a major player in each of the STAR TREK comic stories.

  Doctor Leonard McCoy
Rank: Lieutenant Commander. Position: Chief Medical Officer of the Starship Enterprise. In the STAR TREK television series, McCoy wore medium blue uniforms, but in many issues of the comic series, McCoy wore a lime green uniform.

  Montgomery Scott
Rank: Lieutenant Commander. Position: Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise. In the STAR TREK television series, the uniform color for Scotty, Uhura and security guards was red, but most issues of the comic series had Scotty wearing a lime green uniform.

Interestingly, in several early issues, Scotty was depicted as a tall, young blonde man.

The first volume of reprints included A page from Scotty's Diary.

  Helmsman Sulu
Rank: Lieutenant. Position: Helmsman and Weapons Officer of the Starship Enterprise. While in the STAR TREK television series, the uniform color for Kirk, Sulu and Chekov was an orangish yellow, many early issues of the comic series had Sulu wearing a lime green uniform.

Rank: Lieutenant. Position: Communications Officer aboard the Starship Enterprise. Uhura appeared in only a few issues of the comic series, and in none of them did she play a central role.

  Pavel Chekov
Rank: Ensign. Position: Navigator aboard the Starship Enterprise. While in the STAR TREK television series, the uniform color for Kirk, Sulu and Chekov was an orangish yellow, many early issues of the comic series had Chekov wearing a lime green uniform. Chekov appeared in only a few issues of the comic series, and in none of them did he play a central role.

  Janice Rand
Position: Captain James Kirk's personal yeoman aboard the Starship Enterprise. Yeoman Rand only appeared in eight episodes of the STAR TREK television series, and she was only seen in one Gold Key comic story.

  Christine Chapel
Rank: Lieutenant. Position: Head Nurse aboard the Starship Enterprise. Chapel appeared in only seven issues of the comic series.

  Joanna "Barbara" McCoy
Daughter of U.S.S. Enterprise chief medical officer Leonard H. McCoy and his wife. Born in 2242, Joanna, who was an only child, chose to go by her middle name Barbara. She attended school on the colony world of Cerberus and while there, in 2269, the colony was striken by crop failure. The colony was saved by the famous philanthropist and humanitarian Carter Winston who used his personal fortune to arrange emergency food shipments. ("The Survivor" [TAS]).

In the mid 2260's Joanna worked as resident xenozoologist at the Urey University on Earth. Dr. Leonard McCoy and his wife divorced when their daughter and only child was around 10 years old. Barbara's mother brought her up while her father left to join Starfleet. In 2268, while the Enterprise was undergoing repairs at Starship Lunar Repair Base 17, her crew enjoyed shore leave on Earth. During the stopover, Doctor McCoy and starship captain James Kirk visited the dark-haired Barbara at the university. (Issue #40 "Furlough to Fury").

A few months later, the now red-haired Barbara McCoy was sent as a Starfleet technical advisor in the field of xenobiology to assist the Enterprise in its current mission to study the undersea people on the planet Bwuja. While enroute to Bwuja, old wounds are reopened and Barbara and her father exchange some heated words. It seems that she resented her father for leaving her and her mother all those years ago to explore space. (Issue #43 "World Beneath the Waves").

  Zefram Cochrane
Discoverer of the space warp (2030-2120?). Cochrane became one of human history's most reknowned scientists who revolutionized space travel in 2063 with the invention of warp drive. ("Metamorphosis" [TOS]).

Cochrane, working with an engineer Lily Sloane, constructed his warp ship, the Phoenix, in an abandoned missile complex in central Montana on the North American continent. He conducted the first warp flight on April 4, 2063. The flight was detected by a passing Vulcan ship which led to Earth's first contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. (STAR TREK: First Contact).

In 2119, Cochrane made a stirring speech at the dedication of the Warp Five Complex on Earth. ("Broken Bow" [ENT]).

Wearying of the spotlight, Cochrane disappeared from Alpha Centauri around 2119 and was presumed to have died in space. In 2267, Cochrane was discovered to be living on a planetoid in the Gamma Canaris region with the cloud creature known as the Companion, who loved him. Traveling along with Kirk was Federation Commissioner Nancy Hedford, dying of Sakuro's disease. Hedford merged with the Companion, choosing to remain with Cochrane where they would both live the remainder of a normal life span. ("Metamorphosis" [TOS]).

In 2268, while the Starship Enterprise was on a mission to find five missing experimental hyper-warp ships which became lost in the vicinity of the Gamma Canaris star system, Kirk and his crew encountered Cochrane once again. During the adventure, the Companion briefly left Hedford's body to help the Enterprise crew but all returned to normal with Zefram Cochrane and Nancy Hedford/Companion being left alone again on their asteroid. (Issue #49 "A Warp in Space").

  Harcourt Fenton "Harry" Mudd
An interstellar rogue, con man and ne'er-do-well. In early 2266, Mudd was rescued by the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise when his ship was near destruction in an asteroid belt. It was discovered that Mudd had an extensive criminal record including smuggling, transport of stolen goods, and purchasing a space vessel with counterfeit currency. One scame involved the illegal Venus drug, given to women he recruited as wives for settlers on distant planets, including Rigel XII. His ruse discovered, Mudd was convicted and incarcerated. ("Mudd's Women" [TOS]).

Later, Mudd somehow escaped authorities and was arrested on Deneb for fraudulently selling the Denebians all rights to a Vulcan fuel synthesizer. He escaped from jail on Deneb after learning that the punishment for fraud on Deneb was death. During his escape, his ship became damaged and he drifted in space until he came to a Class-K planet inhabited by sophisticated androids from the Andromeda galaxy. The androids there proclaimed him Lord Mudd and provided for his every need, except the need for freedom. In 2267, Mudd sent Norman, one of the androids to commandeer the U.S.S. Enterprise and bring it back to the Class-K world. Upon escaping from the androids, Captain Kirk left Mudd on the android planet as punishment, having created 500 androids in the image of Mudd's nagging wife Stella to pester him. ("I, Mudd" [TOS]).

In 2268, the Enterprise was investigating readings of dilithium on Eulus, a neutral planet near the Klingon Empire. Captain Kirk and his men encountered Klingons there who apparently had just arranged for exclusive dilithium mining rights with a tall, hooded humanoid calling himself the Grand Qaal of Eulus. The Grand Qaal is discovered to be none other than Harry Mudd and the dilithium he was selling the Klingons was synthetic, unstable and highly explosive. While Kirk and Spock snuck aboard the Klingon's ship to eliminate the dangerous dilithium before a massive explosion started a war with the Federation, Harry kidnapped McCoy and tried to flee in his space buggy. A piece of dilithium tossed by Spock aboard the enemy ship exploded, allowing he and Kirk to escape and convincing the Klingons of the danger. Mudd's ship was tractored by the Enterprise and he was placed under arrest for kidnapping and endangering the crew of the Klingon starship. (Issue #61 "Operation Con Game"). (Issue #61 "Operation Con Game").

In 2269, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew proceeded to the planet Motherlode in order to catch up with Mudd once again. On the planet, Mudd was apprehended selling a fake love potion to the miners. Later, aboard ship, Mudd escaped from the ship's brig and in so doing, several of his love potion crystals broke open near an air inlet duct and the drug was sent throughout the ship's ventilation system. This had the effect of making the crew love struck at first and then after a few hours hate filled. Mudd was recaptured on a nearby planet which is inhabited by huge rock creatures. The rogue was so glag to be rescued, that he confessed to several crimes that the Federation didn't even know about. He was then again sent away for rehabilitation. ("Mudd's Passion" [TAS]).

  Guardian of Forever
Time portal created by an unknown civilization on a distant planet at least five billion years ago. The Guardian resembled a large rough-hewn torus about three meters in diameter. It was a sentient device, able to respond to questions. The Guardian was discovered in 2267 by U.S.S. Enterprise personnel. McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine, a drug which makes him exhibit signs of paranoia and madness, while treating an ailing Sulu on the Bridge. Delirious, he beams down to a nearby planet's surface, with Kirk and a landing party on his heels.

They are too late to stop the doctor from leaping through a living time machine called "The Guardian of Forever." At that moment, the U.S.S. Enterprise ceases to exist and the landing party is stranded. The Guardian explains that McCoy went back into Earth's history and changed it, thereby altering the future. Kirk and Spock go through the Guardian, to Depression-era America, a few days before McCoy is to arrive and change history.

They encounter a social worker, Edith Keeler, who helps them find work to pay for the equipment Spock requires to build a tricorder. Unknown to Kirk and Spock, Edith has taken in the recently-arrived and ill McCoy. Kirk promptly falls in love with Edith and is devastated when Spock completes his tricorder and discovers that in order to repair history, they must let Edith Keeler be killed in an auto accident. If they allow McCoy to save her - as he did before - she will start an effective pacifist movement that will delay the United States' entrance into World War II, thus allowing Hitler's Germany to develop the atomic bomb first and conquer the planet.

When the moment comes, a heartbroken Kirk stops McCoy from saving Edith, and the three officers journey back through the Guardian, where they find things as they should be again. ("City on the Edge of Forever" [TOS]).

In 2268, the Enterprise was assigned to locate and apprehend Trengur the deposed dictator of Oorego IV who escaped confinement at an asylum for the criminally insane. He is tracked down on the planet of the time portal. Upon arrival, the Guardian of Forever informs Kirk, Spock and McCoy that the fugitive has used the portal to change the timeline. They pursue Trengur through the portal and arrive in the Alps on Earth in the year 218 B.C. They observe that Trengur is helping Hannibal's army of Carthage with his invasion of the early Roman Empire. The three are captured and quickly taken to Hannibal who ignores their warnings against Trengur's treachery. They soon escape using their phasers and they return to 2268 to see what havoc has been wrought with the timeline.

They return to the Enterprise, but the ship and crew are different. They wear militaristic uniforms and are part of Earthfleet instead of Starfleet. Apparently, after Hannibal defeated the Romans, Trengur murdered Hannibal and took over. Later, Great Britain crushed the American colonial uprising in 1776 during which the American General George Washington was slain. Then in the 1940's the Teutonic quest of North America took place. By the mid 21st century, planet Earth had become an armed warlike camp, under the rule of a World dictator known as the Trengur! The Earth was declared an outlaw plant and never was admitted to the Federation. The mission that their counterparts from this reality just completed was setting bombs in key Starfleet outposts rigged to go off in mere minutes, including one on the time portal to prevent further tampering.

Using a ruse, the three convince the cruel alternate Scotty to beam them down to the time planet. Once there, they speed through the portal just as the bomb goes off. They arrive near Hannibal's army just before Trengur told Hannibal of the Romans at their flank. Kirk and his men commandeer an elephant and manage to grab Trengur. They bring the maniac back through the portal thus restoring the proper timeline. (Issue #56 "No Time Like the Past").

In 2269, by using the Guardian of Forever, Kirk, Spock, and the historian Erikson explore the planet Orion's past. However, upon returning to the present, no one seems to recognize Mr. Spock - the U.S.S. Enterprise first officer for the past five years has been an Andorian named Thelin. A search of the U.S.S. Enterprise's memory bank reveals that Spock, the son of Sarek and Amanda died while still a child and his death caused the couple to breakup.

Spock recalls that during his "kahs-wan" - a Vulcan coming-of-age ritual - Selek, Spock's distant cousin, had saved his life. Spock realizes that to put the present right again he must return to the past and become his own cousin to save himself.

Returning to the Vulcan of his childhood through the Guardian, Spock presents himself to his younger self as Selek, and subsequently saves the boy's life. In the process young Spock's pet "sehlat" is mortally injured. The boy chooses to compassionately end his pet's suffering and in doing so sets the young half-human, half-Vulcan on a path toward embracing Vulcan traditions. Upon returning to the present, Spock finds the timeline and his place on the U.S.S. Enterprise restored. ("Yesteryear" [TAS]).

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