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    Below are listed the 61 STAR TREK Comics published by Gold Key. Given for each comic is a cover image, issue date and cover blurb. The cover images below link to a page in this site dedicated to that particular issue. Also, each of the 61 comic issue pages include a number of comic frames interspersed into the story synopsis to show what each issue's artwork looked like. The map below allows one to scroll this page down to show the desired issue entry. Once scrolled down, one can return back to the map by clicking on the "Top" buttons.

Issue 1 - (July 1967)
  "The Planet of No Return" - An expedition team discovers it's secret - too late... K-G, Planet of Death!

Issue 2 - (March 1968)
  "The Devil's Isle of Space" - Prisoners on the planet of the condemned sentence Captain Kirk to share their fate!

Issue 3 - (December 1968)
  "Invasion of the City Builders" - AUTOMATED DESTROYERS! Minutes to save a dying planet!

Issue 4 - (June 1969)
  "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" - An alien form invades the Enterprise through Spock's mind!

Issue 5 - (September 1969)
  "The Ghost Planet" - Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock save a planet from extinction, but are doomed by its war-mad leaders!

Issue 6 - (December 1969)
  "When Planets Collide" - THINK FAST MR. SPOCK! A Freak Impulsion Is Creating GALACTIC DISASTER!

Issue 7 - (March 1970)
  "The Voodoo Planet" - Voodoo from across space it makes its deadly mark on Earth!

Issue 8 - (September 1970)
  "The Youth Trap" - They stand helpless before an alien who dooms them... to infancy!

Issue 9 - (February 1971)
  "The Legacy of Lazarus" - George Washington is alive and well - watch out Mr. Spock!

Issue 10 - (May 1971)
  "Sceptre of the Sun" - SCIENCE vs. SORCERY - The Enterprise and her crew are snared in a wizard's magic!

Issue 11 - (August 1971)
  "The Brain Shockers" - Vulcan furies overtake the Enterprise crew!

Issue 12 - (November 1971)
  "The Flight of the Buccaneer" - Kirk betrays Spock and Scotty to divert the suspicions of a space pirate!

Issue 13 - (February 1972)
  "Dark Traveler" - Steel sentries challenge a returning space traveller and his Enterprise guests!

Issue 14 - (May 1972)
  "The Enterprise Mutiny" - A monster attack leaves Captain Kirk mentally unfit to command the Enterprise!

Issue 15 - (August 1972)
  "Museum at the End of Time" - The Enterprise crew and their enemies are trapped in a world that does not exist!

Issue 16 - (November 1972)
  "Day of the Inquisitors" - Missing in action - on a dark age planet!

Issue 17 - (February 1973)
  "The Cosmic Cavemen" - Behold the idol who demands the death of the three strangers!

Issue 18 - (May 1973)
  "The Hijacked Planet" - Bio-magnetic tape - lifeblood of a dying planet - is HIJACKED!

Issue 19 - (July 1973)
  "The Haunted Asteroid" - "Turn back or die" - But the Enterprise crew is determined to explore the Haunted Asteroid

Issue 20 - (September 1973)
  "A World Gone Mad" - In a world gone mad, Scotty and Dr. McCoy fight for their lives - AGAINST EACH OTHER!

Issue 21 - (November 1973)
  "The Mummies of Heitus VII" - Death Grazes the Enterprise Crew When 10,000-year-old Mummies Come to Life!

Issue 22 - (January 1974)
  "Siege in Superspace" - Trapped in superspace, the Enterprise crew is relentlessly hunted by a terrifying war machine!

Issue 23 - (March 1974)
  "Child's Play" - A planetful of doomed children - playing their deadliest game!

Issue 24 - (May 1974)
  "The Trial of Captain Kirk" - Sky pirates raid the stars - and Captain Kirk is charged with treason!

Issue 25 - (July 1974)
  "Dwarf Planet" - Miniature people under a strange sun threaten the lives of the Enterprise crew!

Issue 26 - (September 1974)
  "The Perfect Dream" - A secret space lab wants Mr. Spock's help - as a guinea pig!

Issue 27 - (November 1974)
  "Ice Journey" - The Enterprise crew is locked on a deep freeze planet doomed to disappear into space!

Issue 28 - (January 1975)
  "The Mimicking Menace" - Dead Planet? Or Deadly?

Issue 29 - (March 1975)
  "The Planet of No Return" (reprints #1) - K-2, Planet of Death, where cannibal plants stalk animal prey!

Issue 30 - (May 1975)
  "Death of a Star" - The last gasp of a dying star.

Issue 31 - (July 1975)
  "The Final Truth" - Prisoners of a powerful secret - FOR LIFE!

Issue 32 - (August 1975)
  "The Animal People" - THE ANIMAL PEOPLE - They lived like beasts but rebelled like men!

Issue 33 - (September 1975)
  "The Choice" - KIRK vs. KIRK! A duel to save the Universe from OBLIVION!

Issue 34 - (October 1975)
  "The Psychocrystals" - The PsychoCrystals - They Glitter With Death!

Issue 35 - (November 1975)
  "The Peril of Planet Quick Change" (reprints #4) - An alien form invades the Enterprise through Spock's mind!

Issue 36 - (March 1976)
  "A Bomb in Time" - A scientist escapes into Time with a doomsday bomb!

Issue 37 - (May 1976)
  "The Ghost Planet" (reprints #5) - Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock save a planet from extinction, but are doomed by its war-mad leaders!

Issue 38 - (July 1976)
  "One of Our Captains is Missing" - Kirk is stranded on a savage planet in One of Our Captains is Missing!

Issue 39 - (August 1976)
  "Prophet of Peace" - FROZEN SLEEP in the depths of space!

Issue 40 - (September 1976)
  "Furlough to Fury" - TRIANGLE OF PERIL: an alien beast- McCoy's daughter- and the Enterprise!

Issue 41 - (November 1976)
  "The Evictors" - The Evictors

Issue 42 - (January 1977)
  "World Against Time" - The hourglass spins - BACKWARDS!

Issue 43 - (February 1977)
  "World Beneath the Waves" - Kirk plunges into a watery world of hostile mutants!

Issue 44 - (May 1977)
  "Prince Traitor" - On Planet Fayo, Kirk is the pawn in a palace revolt!

Issue 45 - (July 1977)
  "The Voodoo Planet" (reprints #7) - Voodoo from across space it makes its deadly mark on Earth!

Issue 46 - (August 1977)
  "Mr. Oracle" - Spock's swollen brain grapples with insanity to save a planet's culture!

Issue 47 - (September 1977)
  "This Tree Bears Bitter Fruit" - THE IMMORTAL... There was no place for humans in his scheme of life!

Issue 48 - (October 1977)
  "Sweet Smell of Evil" - MURDER boards the Enterprise!

Issue 49 - (November 1977)
  "A Warp in Space" - The Companion plunges the Enterprise into a starless void!

Issue 50 - (January 1978)
  "The Planet of No Life" - Kirk must die for the Evictors to survive!

Issue 51 - (March 1978)
  "Destination Annihilation" - Meet an interplanetary disaster - Professor Whipple!

Issue 52 - (May 1978)
  "And a Child Shall Lead Them" - (no cover blurb)

Issue 53 - (July 1978)
  "What Fools These Mortals Be" - Ancient Greek deities force Kirk and Spock on an odyssey of peril!

Issue 54 - (August 1978)
  "Sport of Knaves" - His killer birds - make deadly sport with Scotty!

Issue 55 - (September 1978)
  "A World Against Itself" - SPOCK vs SLOTT in: A World Against Itself!
[Note: There was an error, the cover text should have been "SPOCK vs. SCOTT"]

Issue 56 - (October 1978)
  "No Time Like the Past" - Captain Kirk sees ancient history - being unmade!

Issue 57 - (November 1978)
  "Spore of the Devil" - CORNERED - by an alien being, frantic to know who he is!

Issue 58 - (December 1978)
  "Brain-Damaged Planet" - Can Dr. McCoy cure the BRAIN-DAMAGED PLANET?

Issue 59 - (January 1979)
  "To Err is Vulcan" - To Err is Vulcan!

Issue 60 - (February 1979)
  "The Empire Man" - A Ghostly Presence... Haunts the Enterprise!

Issue 61 - (March 1979)
  "Operation Con Game" - Kirk and Spock invade a Klingon warship in - OPERATION CON GAME

Issue 62 - (April 1979)
  "Trial By Fire" - An Unstoppable Fireball Threatens to Crash into a Planet of Nature Worshippers!

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