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    Between 1967 and 1979, Gold Key published 61 STAR TREK comics.  Today's fans often overlook 
these stories, forgetting that they are part of the STAR TREK universe. While far from canon for a number 
of reasons, these adventures are every bit as exciting and fascinating as their television counterparts.
Further, due to the age and demand of these forty-plus year old comics, they are expensive and hard to find.  
This site was created to give everyone a chance to enjoy these stories again.

    This site was originally created by devoted fan Mark Lookabaugh, and many visitors have enjoyed the Gold Key Trek comics via his web site. Mr. Lookabaugh has since found it impossible to continue hosting the site in his directory. I have been a constant visitor and champion of his original site and when I discovered that it had been removed I wrote to him. He gave me his blessing to take his site and resurrect it as I saw fit. He has been a champion of my STAR TREK sites and felt I could do justice to the material. I hope that old visitors to his site and new visitors alike will find this a fun and interesting place to learn about these classic tales. Enjoy!

Curt Danhauser,March 9, 1999.

Comics. List of all 61 issues of the Gold Key STAR TREK series and the single lost 62nd issue. Given for each issue is a thumbnail cover image, the issue date and the cover blurb. The page provides links to the pages within this site that are dedicated to each individual issue.

Lost Issue #62. Issue #61 was the last issue of the Gold Key STAR TREK comic series. However, there was a script commissioned by Western Publishing for issue #62. This was a bona-fide lost issue. The script was finished by John Warner in February 1979 before Western Publishing decided to discontinue the STAR TREK comic title. This page contains a detailed synopsis along with a downloadable PDF of the script.

Characters. Pictures and descriptions of the main Enterprise crew and some other characters seen in the Gold Key STAR TREK comics. This page is the place to go if you are curious how the television characters appeared in comic form.

Vehicles. This page features a description and picture of most of the spacecraft and flying vehicles seen in the sixty-one issues of the Gold Key series of STAR TREK comics. Included are images of the comic version of ships seen on the television series such as the Enterprise herself, and Klingon and Romulans vessels.

Lifeforms. This page features images and descriptions of the thirty or so alien (non-human) races seen in the sixty-one issues of the Gold Key series of STAR TREK comics. Included are images of the comic versions of well-known aliens seen on the television series such as Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians and Romulans.

Starfleet Psycho-Files A page featuring the Starfleet Personnel files for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. These were created as new material that was included in volumes one and three of the the 1976-77 Enterprise Logs reprints editions of Gold Key STAR TREK comics.

Price Guide. This page gives the prices of each issue according to the 2014 Overstreet Price Guide and a brief treatment of how the comics have increased in value over the years.

Reprint Editions. This page gives information about the various reprint editions of Gold Key STAR TREK issues that have been published including those by Western Publishing in the 1970s, Checker in the 2000's and the recent IDW Publishing volumes .

Data-at-a-Glance Chart. This page provides a large table which displays information about all 61 Gold Key STAR TREK comics. Included is Issue number, Story Title, Publication date, Cover Price, Writer, Artist, Stardate, Enterprise Crew Appearances and Comments.

British Annuals. The Gold Key comics were not available in England. But British fans were able to enjoy the stories in the form of Annuals published in Great Britain by World Distributors (Manchester) Limited. This page gives information about the several British Annuals.

With the Map below, jump straight to any of the 61 comic pages:

A Book About the History of STAR TREK Comics

Star Trek: A Comic Book History by Alan J. Porter

Now for the first time the complete history of the Star Trek universe in comic books and newspaper strips from all over the world. Written by pop-culture historian Alan J. Porter, author of the bestselling James Bond: The History of the Illustrated 007, this book will be the definitive history on the subject. Nine information-packed chapters detailing the history of Star Trek in comic books and newspaper strips from the first Gold Key comic books, to the English newspaper strip, to the Marvel and DC titles, to the present day. Exhaustively covers all publications of the entire Star Trek universe. Includes creator interviews, unpublished artwork and a detailed checklist. Published to coincide with the release of the new Star Trek movie. Boldly goes where no book has gone before!

Alan J. Porter has been a regular writer on various aspects of popular culture for over fifteen years. With magazine articles on comics, music and the movies published in Europe, Australia, Canada and the US.

He is the author of "BATMAN: The Unofficial Collectors Guide," (Schiffer Books), "BEFORE THEY WERE BEATLES: The Early Years 1956-1960," (Xlibris), JAMES BOND: the history of the illustrated 007," and "STAR TREK: A comics history." (both for Hermes Press.) He has also contributed to over 10 other book titles.

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