Golden Press, a division of Western Publishing which owned Gold Key comics, reprinted several of the STAR TREK comics in four volumes from 1976 to 1977 entitled The Enterprise Logs. New material was created for volumes one, three and four - including the so-called Psycho-Files for Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. These Psycho-Files were four-pages long and were supposedly authentic-sounding Starfleet Personnel files for the two. Given below are all four pages of each of the Psycho-Files.

Other all-new material was created for these reprint editions and they are included below as well.

James Kirk's Psycho-File
  The first section of Volume One of The Enterprise Logs published in August 1976, contained the first Psycho-File. This all-new material was four pages in length and gave a nice mini-biography of Captain Kirk including his experience at the Starfleet academy, his first meeting with Spock and Scotty, and some vignettes which give the story behind a few of his many commendations and medals. Kirk's Psycho-File ties into the original series episode "The Deadly Years." Interestingly, the light blue cap worn by the Duty Officer at the Academy is almost exactly the same as would be seen eight years later on Starfleet security officers in the 1984 STAR TREK III: The Search for Spock feature film.

Mr. Spock's Psycho-File
  The first section of Volume Three of The Enterprise Logs published in 1977, contained the second and final Psycho-File. This all-new material was four pages in length and gave a nice mini-biography of Mr. Spock including his childhood on Vulcan, how he first used his Vulcan mind meld ability, his desert ordeal maturity test, his betrothal to T'Pring at the Starfleet academy and a vignette showing how he disobeyed orders in order to same Kirk. Spock's Psycho-File extensively tied into the popular animated series episode "Yesteryear" as well as the original series episode "Amok Time."

A Page From Scotty's Diary
  Another new item created especially for August 1976's The Enterprise Logs - Volume One, was a one-page diary entry of Chief Engineer Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott.

From Sputnik to Warp Drive: A Brief History of Interstellar Travel
  The first section of Volume Four of The Enterprise Logs published in 1977, contained the final piece of new material created for the reprint editions. This all-new material was three pages in length and gave an interesting 1970's version of the History of Interstellar Travel prior to Kirk's five year mission. Of note is the scene of first contact with the Vulcans, the International Space Station, Earth colonies on the moon by the year 2000. It also shows Zefram Cochrane's development of warp drive in the year 2050 and it mentions the Kzinti invasion of the solar system which was first mentioned in the December 1973 Animated STAR TREK episode "The Slaver Weapon."

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