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In the 1995 Holiday Catalog, Pleasant Company introduced a line of 18" dolls with modern outfits and accessories. At first there were twenty "American Girls of Today", each with a different combination of hair color, eye color, face sculpt, hair smoothness and skin tone. This also marked the first Asian-American Girl doll (AGOT #4) which had an all-new face sculpt.

In 1997, AGOT #6, which had black hair, light skin and dark brown eyes was changed to a blonde with green eyes. The name of the modern 18" doll line was changed to "American Girl Today" in 1998.

And in 1999, AGOT #18 was given bangs and AGOT #19's eyes were changed from gray to green. Then, in 2001, the twenty-first AGOT was added; she had curly honey-blond hair and hazel eyes.

August 2004 saw the introduction of three new American Girls of Today: AGOT #22, 23 & 24. These were different in that they had no bangs and two had freckles. At that time, three girls were retired: AGOT #9, 10 and 20. Two new American Girls of Today (AGOT #25 & 26) were introduced in September 2005.

Most recently, in 2006, two new AGOT's were added, #27 and 28. With the addition of #28, for the first time an AGOT had the same face sculpt as Josefina, Nellie, Marisol & Elizabeth.

It may be of interest to note that the AGOT's share the same faces as several of the historical girls:

  • Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, Felicity, Kit, Emily, Lindsey, Kailey, Nicki & Mia share the same face with American Girls of Today #2, 3, 5-10, 12-17, 19-25 and 27.
  • Addy shares the same face with American Girls of Today #1, 11, 18 and 26.
  • Josefina, Nellie, Marisol, Elizabeth & Julie share the same face with American Girl of Today #28.
  • Jess & Ivy share the same face, but no American Girl of Today has it.
  • Kaya has a unique face and shares it with no American Girl of Today.
  • No historical doll yet has the same face as the Asian American Girl of Today #4.

AGOT #1 (Dark skin, textured black hair, dark brown eyes)

AGOT #2 (Medium skin, dark brown hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #3 (Light skin, blond hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #4 (Light skin, black hair, dark brown eyes)

AGOT #5 (Light skin, red hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #6 (Light skin, blond hair, green eyes)

AGOT #7 (Light skin, light brown hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #8 (Light skin, red hair, green eyes)

AGOT #11 (Medium skin, black hair, dark brown eyes)

AGOT #12 (Light skin, blond hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #13 (Light skin, light brown hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #14 (Light skin, dark brown hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #15 (Medium skin, textured black hair, dark brown eyes)

AGOT #16 (Light skin, dark brown hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #17 (Light skin, red hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #18 (Dark skin, textured black hair, light brown eyes)

AGOT #19 (Light skin, light brown hair, green eyes)

AGOT #21 (Light skin, curly honey-blond hair, hazel eyes)

AGOT #22 (Light skin, platinum-blond hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #23 (Light skin with freckles, reddish-brown hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #24 (Light skin with freckles, blond hair, brown eyes)

AGOT #25 (Light skin, black/brown hair, dark brown eyes)

AGOT #26 (Medium skin, curly black hair, amber eyes)

AGOT #27 (Light skin, layered blond hair, blue eyes)

AGOT #28 (Medium skin, short brown hair, brown eyes)

Retired Girls of Today

AGOT #9 (Light skin, light brown hair, gray eyes)

AGOT #10 (Light skin, dark brown hair, green eyes)

AGOT #20 (Light skin, blond hair, gray eyes)


Limited Edition Girls of Today

In response to girls asking to read about American Girls of Today, in Fall of 2001, Pleasant Company introduced Lindsey, a girl of today with a paperback book telling her story and some accessories all her own. She was only available for a year, and the idea was that a different American Girl of Today would be introduced each year or so. In the Summer of 2003, Kailey, the second modern American Girl, made her appearance. Marisol Luna was introduced December 27, 2004, Jess McConnell came on December 26, 2005 and Nicki Fleming arrived on January 1, 2007. Lindsey, Kailey, Marisol, Jess and Nicki have all been retired, but the most recent Limited Edition Girl of Today, Mia St. Clair, arrived on January 1, 2008. Next year's Limited Edition Girl of Today is Chrissa Maxwell. Chrissa arrives January 2009 and she has a DVD movie about her!


Chrissa. Chrissa Maxwell and her family have just moved, and she has to start at a new school mid-year. Will she fit in? Can she find new friends? On her first day, Chrissa is seated with three girls who greet her with teasing and tricks. The Mean Bees really know how to sting - they bully Chrissa in class, on the bus, online, and even at swim club. Chrissa can't seem to make any new friends; not even with the girl who seems to need a friend the most. When the biggest bully becomes Chrissa's swimming rival, the taunting finally goes too far. Now it's up to Chrissa. Will she find a way to stand strong and stop the bullying?

Chrissa Maxwell was first unveiled to advertising professionals in October 2008. Chrissa and her collection haven't officially been released yet, but they are scheduled for January 6, 2009. She will likely be available for only one year.

Chrissa's book is entitled Chrissa Stands Strong and was written by Mary Casanova and illustrated by Richard Jones. It will be released December 2008. She is the first American Girl of Today to have her own movie. It is entitled "Chrissa Stands Strong" and is due in January 2009. It stars Sammi Hanratty (pictured right) as Chrissa. Sammi plays the role of young Chuck Charles in the excellent Pushing Daisies television series. The DVD is directed by Martha Coolidge and also stars Timothy Bottoms, Adair Tishler (who plays Molly in the Heroes televison series), Joanne Baron, Don Franklin, Annabeth Gish, Jennifer Tilly and Michael Learned, who played the mother on The Waltons.

Chrissa's Collection

Chrissa Doll

Chrissa Book

Chrissa Stands Strong Book

Chrissa Stands Strong DVD Movie

Girls of Today Items

The line of American Girls of Today 18" doll outfits was formally introduced in 1995, even though the first modern (non-historical) outfit was introduced in catalogs in 1993. Since 1993, Pleasant Co. has introduced a total of about 364 items. This includes 197 outfits, 124 accessory sets and 43 pieces of furniture. Of these 364 items, 271 have been retired, which is about three quarters.

The 41 currently available outfits, 39 current accessory sets and the 13 current furniture items are shown below.

To see a page which depicts and describes the 271 Retired Girls of Today items, follow the link below to the "Retired Today Girl Items" page.

Retired Today Girl Items

Current Outfits

Rustic Ranch Outfit for Dolls & Book
Star Hoodie Outfit for Dolls
Friendly Witch Outfit for Dolls & Book
Western Saddle Set
Holiday Sleigh
Singing Star Outfit for Dolls & Book
Snowy Chic Outfit for Dolls & Book
School Days Outfit for Dolls & Book
Jumper & Boots Set for Dolls & Book
Gymnastics Outfit V & Book
Volleyball Outfit for Dolls & Book
Cozy Star Robe & Book
2-in-1 Beach Outfit & Book
Gardening Outfit for Doll & Book
Tennis & Golf Set for Doll & Book
Flower Girl Outfit & Book
Logo V-Neck Shirt
Logo Sweatshirt
Adventure Outfit
(with Confessions of a Former Only Child Book)
Licorice Play Outfit
(with Licorice's Fun Book Book)
Equestrian Outfit II
Hospital Gown II

Current Accessories

Singing Star Set

Western Hat for Dolls

Western Horse

Nightstand & Lamp Set

Snowboard Accessories

Hanukkah Gift Set

Toasty Pink Boots for Dolls

Sporty Sneakers for Dolls

Ballerina Flats for Dolls

Sweet Kitten Heels for Dolls

Back-to-School Set for Dolls & Book

Phone & Charms Set for Dolls

Go Team! Cheer Gear for Dolls & Book

Cheer Section Set
Beach Chair & Bag
Garden Tote & Tools
Skates & Safety Set

Guitar Set (Acoustic Guitar with Faux-Tortoiseshell Pick Guard, Fret stops, Satin Clip-On Strap, Music Book, Chord Book & Felt-Lined Guitar Case)
Entertainment Set
Sleeping Bag III
Sweet Treats
(Root Beer Float, Pink Lemonade, Banana Split, Ice Cream Sundae, Napkin Holder, 4 Napkins, 2 Spoons, Order Pad & 2 Placemats)
Sparkly Hair Pick
Sweet Treats Accessories
Tights and Socks
(Sparkly Tights, Blue Argyle Knee-Highs & White Ankle Socks with Pink Prim)
Feel Better Kit
(Metal Crutches, Fleece-lined Arm Cast and Leg Cast, Stretchy Wrap Bandage, Finger Splint, Penguin-shaped Ice Pack, & Two Sheets of Reusable Cast Stickers and Bandages)
Palomino Horse

Flute Set


Blue Doll Glasses

Doll Glasses (Silver Round, Gold Round or Tortoiseshell)

Hanukkah Gifts

Current Furniture

"Sit & Relax" Chair
Sweet Treats Table


Retired Today Girl Items

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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