Beginning in 1994 and continuing to around 2010, Pleasant Company produced several series of trading cards featuring all of the historical girls. They featured only cards from 1994-2001, and in 2002 stickers were introduced. The illustrations on the cards came from the various story books and short story books for each girl. These cards came in card packs containing 10 cards.

2005 Series - 10 Cards

The year 2005 saw the introduction of a special series of Elizabeth cards. These were available in card packs containing a set of all 10 cards from the 2005 Series Elizabeth cards, making it very easy for girls to collect trading cards of the newest historical girl. The 2005 Series Elizabeth set was based on the new book, Very Funny, Elizabeth! and included trivia, word scrambles, and more, but the set had no checklist or sticker cards. This would be Elizabeth's first and only card series.

1. Elizabeth Cole
2. Annabelle Cole
3. Miss Manderly
4. Lord Harry Lacey
5. Miss Priscilla Lacey
6. Arrival of the Laceys
7. Off to England
8. Very Funny, Elizabeth!
9. A Frosty Ball
10. Valerie Tripp

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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