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Beginning in 1994 and continuing to around 2010, Pleasant Company produced several series of trading cards featuring all of the historical girls. They featured only cards from 1994-2001, and in 
2002 stickers were introduced. The illustrations on the cards came from the various story books 
and short story books for each girl. These cards came in card packs containing 10 cards.

1994 Series - 60 Cards

In 1994, Pleasant Company introduced a series of trading cards featuring all of the historical girls at that time: Samantha, Kirsten, Molly, Felicity and Addy. The 1994 Series featured 60 cards for each girl with card #60 being a checklist. The illustrations on the cards came from the six story books for each girl. The cards came in card packs containing 10 cards. This was Felicity's first card set.

1. Introducing Felicity Merriman
2. A Lover of Books
3. Then and Now
4. Edward Merriman
     Martha Merriman
5. Ben Davidson
6. Eavesdropping
7. Penny
8. Caught By Jiggy Nye!
9. Feeding Penny
10. Borrowed Breeches
11. Jiggy Wants Penny
12. A Giant Leap
13. Lessons
14. Elizabeth Cole
15. On the Roof
16. Family Time
17. All Dressed Up
18. First Tea Ceremony
19. Rude Annabelle
20. Oh, My Darling!
21. An Argument
22. Annabelle Pours Tea
23. Christmas
24. A Surprise Invitation
25. What Ben Thought
26. Making a Curtsey
27. The Beautiful Doll
28. Ben Scolds Felicity
29. A sad Time
30. Blue Silk Surprise
31. Dancing at the Palace
32. A Spring Birthday
33. Posie
34. Spring Cleaning
35. Music Lesson
36. Grandfather's Gift
37. The Guitar
38. Drumbeats
39. A Secret Overheard
40. The Long, Dark Night
41. Birthday Surprise
42. Horseback Riding
43. King's Creek Plantation
44. Early Morning Ride
45. Dinnertime
46. Faithful Friends
47. Runaway!
48. The Notice
49. A Conversation Overheard
50. The Argument
51. Back Then...
52. Admiring Penny
53. In the Jail
54. After Church
55. Grandfather Is Sick
56. Sad Memories
57. Help in the Night
58. The New Foal
59. Valerie Tripp
60. Felicity Checklist 1-60

2002 Series - 17 Cards

In 2002, new sets of cards for all of the girls were created. For Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy and Josefina, these new cards featured new illustrations and information which came from the so-called Short Story books that had come out for these girls in the previous two years. The 2002 series card set for each of the first seven girls, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Josefina and Kit included 16 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and 3 stickers. Kaya's 2002 series card set included 30 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and 5 stickers. The 2002 Series would be Felicity's second card set.

1. "Whoa!"
2. Mrs. Wentworth
3. The Elder Sister
4. A New Baby Sister
5. Dance Lessons
6. Brocade Slippers
7. Practice Makes Perfect
8. Shoe Search
9. Publick Times
10. Colonial Town Fair
11. Felicity's Dare
12. Horses at the Fair
13. Modern Medicine
14. Mrs. Burnie
15. Different Isn't Always Better
16. Sweet Dreams
Felicity Checklist 1-16
Sticker 1
Sticker 2
Sticker 3

2005 Series - 12 Cards

To coincide with the release of the Felicity Merriman TV-Movie, two new card sets have been produced for release in September of 2005. Felicity got a movie cards set of 12 cards and Felicity's best friend Elizabeth Cole will get a set just like Nellie's, featuring 10 cards with illustrations by Dan Andreasen taken from the new book, Very Funny, Elizabeth!.

Felicity's movie trading cards set came in card packs containing a set of all 12 unnumbered cards from the 2005 Series Felicity cards. The 2005 Series Felicity set is a pack of twelve trading cards wrapped in a clear cellophane wrapper and featuring photos of scenes from the new movie Felicity: An American Girl Adventure, which will air on The WB in fall 2005. Each card includes trivia questions, word scrambles, and information about the characters. The 2005 Series would be Felicity's third card set. The cards were not numbered. The card reference numbers given below are provided as an aid to collectors.

(1) Meet Felicity Merriman - and Shailene Woodley
(2) Meet Annabelle Cole - and Juliet Holland-Rose
(3) Meet Ben Davidson - and Kevin Zegers
(4) Seeing Double
(5) Practice Makes Perfect
(6) A Pretty Penny
(7) Creating a Mood
(8) Falling In Love
(9) Background
(10) The Slate
(11) Friends
(12) Friends Divided

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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