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Beginning in 1994 and continuing to around 2010, Pleasant Company produced several series of trading cards featuring all of the historical girls. They featured only cards from 1994-2001, and in 
2002 stickers were introduced. The illustrations on the cards came from the various story books 
and short story books for each girl. These cards came in card packs containing 10 cards.

1998 Series - 60 Cards

In 1998, a set of cards was created for Josefina the newest American Girl who had just been introduced in 1997. The illustrations in Samantha and Addy's books were completely redone sometime after 1994, and so a new set of 60 Samantha cards and 60 Addy cards were produced which were exactly like the 1994 cards except that they bore these revamped book illustrations. No changes were made to Kirsten, Molly or Felicity's cards in 1998. So, beginning in 1998, card packs contained 10 cards per pack featuring cards labeled "1998" for Samantha, Addy and Josefina and cards labeled "1994" for Kirsten, Molly and Felicity. The 1998 Series was Josefina's first card set.

1. Introducing Josefina Montoya
2. Learning to Read
3. New Mexico
4. Andres Montoya
5. Abuelita and Abuelito
6. Tia Dolores
7. Ana Montoya de Lucero
8. Francisca Montoya
9. Clara Montoya
10. Washing Clothes
11. Florecita
12. Mama's Memory
13. The Arrival
14. Meeting Tia Dolores
15. The Fandango
16. The Bouquet
17. Gifts from Tia Dolores
18. Josefina's Idea
19. School in 1864
20. Josefina Dress
21. Lightning Storm
22. Tia Dolores's Idea
23. Learning to Weave
24. Rabbit Brush
25. Fancy Flourishes
26. Changes
27. The Memory Book
28. Las Posadas
29. A Lullaby
30. Looking for Nina
31. Good Neighbors
32. The Altar Cloth
33. Remembering Mam´┐Ż
34. Nina
35. Maria
36. Feast Days
37. Mariana
38. Sombrita
39. Josefina's Shadow
40. Adobe Plaster
41. Tia Magdalena's Jars
42. Playing with Mariana
43. The Rattlesnake
44. Josefina's Birthday
45. American Traders
46. Americano
47. Curiosity
48. The Plaza
49. The Violin
50. A Message From Patrick
51. Sante Fe at Night
52. Change for New Mexico
53. Josefina's Hopes
54. Baking Bread
55. Tia Magdalena's Help
56. Ana's Boys
57. Heart's Desire
58. The Proposal
59. Valerie Tripp
60. Josefina Checklist 1-60

2002 Series - 17 Cards

In 2002, new sets of cards for all of the girls were created. For Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy and Josefina, these new cards featured new illustrations and information which came from the so-called Short Story books that had come out for these girls in the previous two years. The 2002 series card set for each of the first seven girls, Samantha, Molly, Kirsten, Felicity, Addy, Josefina and Kit included 16 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and three stickers. Kaya's 2002 series card set included 30 cards, one unnumbered checklist card and 5 stickers. The 2002 Series would be Josefina's second card set.

1. Harvest Time
2. An Important Job
3. Chili Stew
4. Josefina's Reward
5. "May I, Papa?"
6. Again, Josefina
7. Sibling Rivalry
8. Baby Steps
9. Traveling Test
10. Angelito
11. Bravery
12. A Corrido for Papa
13. A Safe Trip
14. A Treasure Chest
15. A Lively Dance
16. Josefina Apology
Josefina Checklist 1-16
Sticker 1
Sticker 2
Sticker 3

These products are appropriate for children 8 and over.
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